Friday, 17 September 2010

…and the award goes to

The 2010 award for "Best Use of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS” at the Independent Handbag Designer Awards goes to australian designer Aimee Kestenberg for her creation entitled “Tammi Tales.”

After the submission of design sketches, the five best ideas were chosen by the Handbag Designer 101 Judging Panel. There were a total of 98 registered competitors in the category, a 15 percent increase on the inaugural year.

Her handbag design is inspired by the vivid imagination of her 5-year-old sister Tammi and her own love of the Australian sea and its creatures. Topaz and blue-colored crystals are embedded into fine leathers including café-crème lambskin, blue and plum red suede. “The crystals bring the piece to life and make it that much more special giving it status, an octopus texture and a “wow” factor,” says Aimee Kestenberg.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Fashion arachnid

I couldn't help but notice Tres Glam's amazing spider cocktail ring photographed during Fashion's Night Out on Friday. Perhaps it was designed to calm the nerves of the most arachnophobic… it's working!