Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Jamie to the rescue!

Why is it that no sooner have my kids eaten breakfast that they are asking about the content of the next two meals? They sometimes truly freak me… I can't even remember what's in the store cupboard, let alone dream up a culinary spectacular for their lunch boxes!

Their daily dose of the BBC2 series of "Master Chef" is also working against me! I now receive a score for my kitchen endeavours, with a full critique and an exclamation of whether I shall or shall not "go through to the next round!" (I tell them that dessert is the next round, so, generally, I succeed!)

To my delight, once I'd packed the girls off to school and made myself comfy with a coffee at my work station, I came across the Jamie Oliver website. It's probably the cleanest set of pages of its type, navigation is simple and the recipe list isn't likely to do your head mischief before you've scrolled the soup and salad section!

What's more, like a blog you can comment on recipes you've tried… Great! I love the idea of telling Jamie what I think!

The red cabbage that's been lurking at the bottom of the fridge for weeks shall, tonight, be transformed into this:

must-try red cabbage braised with apple, bacon and balsamic vinegar.

I MUST try!

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