Friday, 17 April 2009

Flower power!

Ever fancied flower arranging? Playing around with flowers never crossed my mind until I encountered Judith Blacklock's School of Flowers. I was fortunate enough to be treated to courses where I learnt the art of the hand tied bouquet, a table centre, a wreath and how to wire buttonholes.

Judith has the knack of making flower arranging look incredibly simple and imparts tips and tricks which makes the art accessible even for the newbie – like me!

Join a course and you get to take your wonderful creations home, to be admired by family and friends!

What's more, you can find free tutorials on Judith's website! The pic above is my attempt at this month's lesson using a selection of foliage available from my garden along with a few roses purchased from the flower seller in Sevenoaks market.

Find out more about Judith's courses here.


AlyGatr said...

I adore flowers. Perhaps it comes from being raised in Hawaii and constantly surrounded by them. I envy anyone with the talent to arrange flowers so gracefully. I on the other hand arrange them as though a rose bush was hit by a tornado!

Lolley said...

I'm sure that's not true! ;-)