Thursday, 14 May 2009

Introducing the "lolley bean"!

Obviously what everyone's been awaiting!

When I made this I was really thinking of "something for the girls" but now it's done, I'm rather charmed by my smooth and brightly coloured polymer clay beans!

So what flavours what have I made?

Blue raspberry, that's the turquoise one! Lemon zinger, yellow of course; spearmint (green); granny smith, the one that's apple green; blue quandong – I had to work very hard to find this colour! Pomegranate, the one which is almost red, and last but not least, pink blancmange, sort of fruity and milky at the same time.

As mentioned these are made from polymer clay, so not for eating. Instead, the necklace and bracelet set would be just perfect for a little girl although my 14-year-old thinks they're great and wants me to produce a set for her friend's birthday gift!

All on Sterling silver, so pretty posh too!


OliveStreetStudio said...

my daughter is all about jelly beans - she's 3! Why wouldn't she be? I love these pieces....will be 'hearting'. :-)

Lolley said...

awww! thanks! Lovely quilts btw!

Estrella said...

it looks so real, i would eat it!!really cute

w said...

oh man. these are awesome. i can totally see me wearing like five of them. altogether.

i'm sweet that way.

get it? "sweet". man. i am just a bowl full of laughter this morning.