Thursday, 23 July 2009

Don't let english weather get you down

It always amazes me how no sooner have the summer holidays arrived, that the weather changes from glorious to… well, err, not so glorious! Never mind though, here are a few favourites which will most certainly see you through the worst of it!

On a windy day…
Box floral kite with red ribbon tail. Was: £10.01 Now: £7.00 inc VAT, SAVE 7%!

On a wet day…
Box floral parasol in draw string case with green strap. Can be hand-held or comes with pole, making it free-standing. Was: £30.00 Now: £15.00 inc VAT, SAVE 50%!

Box Floral waterproof poncho with hood, Was: £18.00 Now: £10.01 inc VAT, SAVE 44%!

And when the sun finally reappears…
Rose Bikini, Was: £32.00 Now: £24.00 inc VAT, SAVE 25%!

Inflatable Ring: Fun accessory to any garden or beach party. Was: £5.00 Now: £2.50 inc VAT. SAVE 50%!

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