Tuesday, 18 November 2008

My first giveaway!

If you would like to take part in this giveaway all you need do is pop into my shop and have a browse through my items for sale. Pick and tell me your favourite piece in the comments section to this post.

That's all there is to it! The winner will be chosen randomly on Monday 8th December and will receive this pretty Swarovski Scattergram necklace made by yours truly!

PS I don't mind where you're from!


Karen said...

I like the foiled heart pendant.
I've always liked crystal hearts as they look so pretty!

alysia said...

i hafta say my favorites are the scattergram that you feature on this blog and the indian sapphire latern necklace.
Very nice shop! i'll definitely be back.

merc3069 said...

I love the Autumn scattergram, but really, everything is nice and tasteful

Crochet by Momma J said...

I like the foiled heart pendant.


Digital Misfit said...

Lovely shop!
I am a sucker for wire wrapped pendants, so the Aunt Bess antique ruby pendant on oxidized sterling silver is my favorite.
The deep rich ruby crystal looks so dramatic against the darkened silver without being fussy.


sphinx63 said...

Oh wow, I love the Flamy, firey golden Murano heart pendant. It is so pretty!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Cute, cute shop!! And a fantastic giveaway :oD

I love this heart pendant--so unique and the colors are wonderful

*fingers crossed*
Smiles, Karen

ilovehellokitty said...

Love the this necklace! Great color combination! Beautiful!

Manjiri said...

I love your shop! My favourite one is Aubergine and gold Murano Heart pendant. It is fabulous:)

JT said...

I love the damson long string necklace!

mbj_contact (at) yahoo (dot) com

Tiffan Tales said...

I would choose the one you are giving away, but this one is super pretty, too! http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?ref=vl_other_1&listing_id=15783030

I found you in the promo forums on etsy. I am on blogger, too as cute cards.
Thanks! Sally

cowgirlspirit said...

Very pretty. I love your shop banner.
I think my favorite item would be your 'Random Springtime Necklace'. The colors are so enticing.
Lovely items.

umlauf said...

My fave are the crystal clear avant garde earrings, love the shape!

Your photographs are excellent.

Thanks for the giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Aunt Bess's antique ruby pendant on oxidised Sterling Silver

That is beautiful, I love red/pink. I need to update my wardrobe to match!

ashlomb at yahoo dot com

Boody Babies said...

Wow! You have a great shop! My favorite piece is actually the piece in your shop banner, but of your listings, Aunt Bess's antique ruby pendant on oxidised Sterling Silver, would be my next choice.
boodybabies [at] comcast [dot] net

knitsational said...

Actually, this necklace is favorite piece. Just lovely and perfect for this time of year!

niftyknits said...

I'm in love with the hogweed earrings, I love the way the black wires set off the beads.

Anonymous said...


The Sputnik choker! There's something about the colors that does it for me.

StudioCherie said...

Wow! Love the colors on this

Paper Girl Productions said...

Gorgeous prize! May I enter ? I'm from Canada :)
This is gorgeous from your shop:
Aunt Bess's antique ruby pendant on oxidised Sterling Silver

THank you!!

Phantaysia said...

I really like the foiled heart pendant. It's simple, yet striking, and I like that.

Jenna said...

I really like the damson long string necklace. SO pretty! Thanks for the giveaway!

southerncreations said...

Your shop is beautiful and your jewelry is stunning! The antique ruby pendant is favorite piece:

I typically don't go for the oxidized look, but it it just works so well as a contrast to the pendant.

Stacey Moore said...

love the aunt besss antique aqua pendant necklace!

blogged you at prizeatron:

we would love to win!

Days like These! said...

Lime Murano Necklace!

count me in please. thanks.

getpalmd said...

I must say that my favorite is actually the prize, "Scattergram Autumn shades Swarovski necklace" :-)

Mandie said...

My Fav inyour shop is the
Aunt Bess's antique ruby pendant

Beautiful Color!!

Sign me up!

Melinda said...

I love the Murano pistachio green and copper gold heart pendant...my favorite color scheme...brown and blue/green

Anonymous said...

I like the Aunt Bess's antique aqua pendant on oxidised Sterling Silver piece. Its nice


mjharvey26 at yahoo dot com

sarah said...

i love the random safari necklace!

fertawert AT yahoo DOT com

ikkinlala said...

I love the Sahara Murano heart pendant.

Cherry Blossoms said...

I love the damson long string necklace! Its so elegant! I am also an etsy seller, nice to meet you!

About Adorn Me jewelry said...

Hi. :) I came in to thank you for following my blog and take a look around, but since you're giving jewelry away, I'm there! Aunt Bess's Ruby Pendant (http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=17284944) is really lovely, and very warm-looking on a day when we have gotten our first real snow here, just outside of Montreal, Canada.

You do really beautiful work, and I've enjoyed looking at your blog. Thanks. :)


Charlotte said...

Your giveaway item is beautiful! From the favorite shop, I love the aubergine and gold murano heart pendant. I have the perfect outfit to go with it. :)

Seraphina Rose said...

without a doubt, this one is my favorite:
Aunt Bess's antique ruby pendant on oxidised Sterling Silver
it is gorgeous!!!
jessica, www.seraphinarose.etsy.com

Emily said...

Wow - you have some beautiful work! My favorite would have to be the Aprikose Sputnik glass pendant.


robin_titan said...

Oh my goodness the Aunt Bess's antique ruby pendant on oxidised Sterling Silver is gorgeous!!! I wish I had some extra cash to buy that right now :( darn holidays haha

arielle said...


This is my favorite!! The color is beautiful & I love the aged look!! You have a great shop...

ariellezander at gmail dot com

TheAngelForever said...

I love the Random Springtime necklace. Gorgeous Etsy store - I shall visit again soon. Need ideas for hubby to get me for my birthday and he checks my favorites :)

Thanks for the opportunity.

princess210 said...

I like the crystal clear Avant Garde earrings. They are cute.

Bea said...

I totally think my favorite is aunt Bess' antique Ruby pendant.

You have a lovely shop. I'm definitely favoriting it.

ignoramoose said...

Giant Galactic crystal pendant--so pretty!

ignoramoose (at) gmail (dot) com

Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

wow! it's definitely hard to pick a favorite. but i can say, i adore Aunt Bess's antique aqua pendant! it is simple and beautiful.

it's kind of you to do this give-away. i hope it brings you lots of business!!

i know if i don't win, i'll be buying the necklace for sure.

- Marybeth I. said...

Aubergine and gold Murano Heart pendant - love the colors!

misaacmom [at] gmail [dot] com

Becky said...

I love your jewelry! My favorite is the Aubergine and gold Murano Heart pendant. Absolutely stunning!

Anonymous said...

my fav is the auntbess necklace I love your owrk keep making these lovelies!!!

teamojewelry (i was your 3rd sale)


ihchicky said...

I really like the damson long string necklace. The necklace you are giving away is beautiful as well. Thanks!

tigger210 said...

I would love to win the necklace! It looks beautiful. My favorite item from your shop is the Flamy, fiery golden Murano heart pendant. The colors in it are just wonderful. Thanks for a great giveaway.
skstigger (at) hotmail.com

betty R. said...

the Aunt Bess antique ruby pendant is very pretty..i like your shop..would love to win this it is so very beautiful.thanks and merry christmas!