Wednesday, 12 November 2008

snuggle up and see what I made!

A couple of weeks ago I sought the help of the Etsians in finding me some beautifully handmade neck warmers. So inspired was I, that I rummaged through mother's craft box for knitting needles and popped to the haberdasher for some suitable yarn! I'm reasonably please with my effort, but have a look at what the real experts make before I show off!

Don't you just love the colours in this knit by artish? I'm especially fond of the loose and erratic stitch which declares to me that this had to be made by hand. Check out artish's shop for even more fabulous knits!

Now this is something else! Simple and stylish and versatile. A very clever and wearable piece by olivebrown. If it's the last thing you do today, pop into her shop and check out her beautifully themed knits!

If you were looking for something wispy and wild to adorn your neck, this could be the item for you! You can see that luxe has shown this neck warmer against a denim jacket… it works so well!

I can tell by the picture of Urbanknit's neckwarmer that this is a super soft item to snuggle into. I love the flattering colour and the chunky style… I'd be comfy in this all day long!

"An incredibly plush and slouchy cowl, hand-knit with organic cotton yarn in warm shades of brown sugar and dusty rose…" Great colours and individual style at Magic Lantern.

With a tad more glamour that would see you from dawn until dusk, check out this lavish scarf by the funkyfelter

Are you ready to see what I made?

Well here it is! Kindly modeled by my daughter Robyn (yes, I will pay your modeling fee darling!)


Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

all lovely!

very nice work on yours!

Lolley said...

thanks Georgia! Feel pretty pleased with myself!

Karen said...

Very nice and cosy!
and Robyn is starting her modelling career early I see!

Shalana, the funky felter said...

Thanks so much for including my scarf! I'm honored :) Your daughter and scarflette are both beauties.