Friday, 13 February 2009

If you've got the 5Erg… smile: it's good for you!

I'm rather fascinated by shop owners who are multi-talented: where do they find the time and energy to produce, let alone the ideas? This week I have enjoyed looking around 5Erg's 24/7 craft fair. Silja, just a nipper at the tender age of 20, is our creative. Pop in to this diverse and exciting store and you will find original art, in the form of tiny oil paintings; beaded jewellery as well as engaging felted critters. A plethora, testament to this young artistic mind!


5erg said...

Thank you :D You can write! ANd I am glad you used this talent on writinf about me this time haha :D

Great feature,
I am very flattered :)

Laura said...

I have enjoyed 5erg's felted items for some time. You are right she is a great talent.