Friday, 27 March 2009

The natural way!

Grow Your Own Drugs: Easy Recipes for Natural Remedies and Beauty Treats
As a keen gardener I have been throughly enjoying the BBC1 Series 'Grow your own Drugs' presented by James Wong. Each week James has shown just how simple it is to make natural remedies for complaints such as eczema, varicose veins and acne. Many drugs are of course derived from natural products, but have you ever tried to decipher the ingredients of any product you buy in a chemists? I've just purchased my very own copy of the book to accompany the series and this weekend we will be making a hop and lavender pillow to aid restful sleep!

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AlyGatr said...

Natural remedies are by far the best...that said, I have to admit, I saw the title an thought, "OMG, this guy wrote a pretty book about growing pot and opium poppies". Shows you where my brain is!!