Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Lolley's toolbar

In a continued effort to promote my jewellery business, I have been looking at the features and benefits of creating a customised toolbar for customers' browser windows. There are a few neat sites out there where you can build your custom toolbar, including links that you think your customers might enjoy and find useful.

I figured that if you visit my web page then you are probably looking for, or you are a fan of, jewellery. Therefore, in my toolbar along with links to my web page and Etsy store, I have included links to some of my favourite jewellery sites: Swarovski (of course!) Links of London ("flutter & wow") and my favourite Etsy store Elleabelle.

The beauty of adding a menu is that one can continually update a link selection which is shared instantaneously, and build quick links to some of the best sites out there! Not only that, if you have an announcement, for example; a special offer or giveaway, use the toolbar to get the message across to customers.

Other features I've added to my toolbar include an email notifier (just what you need if you are using webmail) local weather forecast, headline news ticker and chat. When visitors arrive at my home page they see a one-off message inviting them to download the toolbar… once downloaded the message disappears! See how it looks on my home page.

Check out my toolbar here (suitable for Firefox and IE) then why not try making your own version!

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