Wednesday, 8 October 2008

belt up and buckle down!

Bottle Opener Buckle RUST

I was pretty bowled over when I saw that Christmas decorations were doing their job at the local supermarket by the end of September… credit crunch or not, Christmas is coming and I'm gonna have to get a grip on those purse strings!

For me, the hardest part of the buying is for the men in my life: dad, two brothers and hubby (thank goodness I have daughters!) So I thought I'd start right there (get the tricky ones sorted) and with careful use of the search criteria at I was able to find some rather interesting handmade items.

In particular, this solid-looking belt buckle at Metalogical. Not only is this beautifully hand crafted from 1/4" steel it also functions as a bottle opener! Chris, the creator says: "They are a lot of fun. I use mine everyday around 5:00!"

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elleabelle said...

I love that you noticed Lily's arm around my knee!! That is great!! I will post about you this week!!