Friday, 17 October 2008

Lolley's quest for perfect brows – chapter 2

So I'm sitting in my car on the driveway and wondering how to get into my own home without hubby seeing my new zero-brow look, how I'll get through the next weeks without him noticing; when all of a sudden there's a tap on the side window. I almost leapt out of my skin, (which would have served a useful purpose just then) and was even more alarmed to see our "local fashion guru" (every local community has one!) signaling to me to get out of the car. I quickly scanned her face for that look of sheer horror but, fortunately, my fringe had fallen sufficiently to cover the crime scene! 

"Fashion guru" was in need of an egg, thus forcing me to go inside, scuttle to the kitchen, grab desired egg and shoo her from the premises as quickly as possible!

Luckily, the rest of my family were contentedly stationed in front of the TV screen and my progress to the bathroom for a closer inspection was unhindered. Once securely behind a locked door, I took out my brow pencil and began implementing my natural artistic ability thinking: "will I be able to wear this stuff overnight without it rubbing off on the pillow slip?"

Tiptoeing from the bathroom, my next port of call was Google – in search of an answer to my dilemma. Interestingly, I found that I was far from alone. There are simply hundred of gals who have been through something quite similar and, more interestingly, plenty of advice too! For instance, have a look at this:

Unbelievably, you can buy false eyebrows! I really had no idea that this type of product existed, but, hey, why not? However, I certainly couldn't see myself wearing these – imagine if you put them on wonky… or, worse still, one fell off mid business meeting!

No, there had to be a better solution and I was bound to find it if I kept trawling the Net.

After many hours it dawned on me that, in fact there is no immediate remedy for over tweezed brows, except for the passage of time. But what if the hair follicles had been damaged… what if my brows simply didn't grow back. Was I just gonna have to be patient? 

What I needed to do was give my brows a little encouragement:

Applying an oil (I chose Bio Oil) to the brow area smoothes and conditions the hairs that remain. It also probably assists somewhat with circulation since you are effectively massaging the the skin, and hopefully this might stimulate hair re-growth. 

I also took a course of vitamins and minerals – I felt I needed to give my body the best chance! Although I was a little concerned about things going the other way!

After a few weeks of playing "dodge the husband" and blow-drying my hair forward to obscure as much of my face as possible, I found that my brows were beginning to reappear. They were terribly messy and thin at first but there were definitely promising signs of recovery.

But what was this I could see? Something was very different about the new hair! Was I going blonde? Taking a mirror outside to shed more light on the subject…

OMG my brows are going GREY…

To be continued in the final part!

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Sayo said...

oh no! don't worry, they'll grow back sooner than you think. it'll be okay!