Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Lolley's quest for perfect brows – chapter 3 (The final installment)

The brows had returned! Hoorah! But essentially I was back to square one.

Some weeks later I took my youngest up to Covent Garden, a trip to the London Transport Museum, a stroll around the market stalls and a very important visit to the Bead Store, now situated in Neal's Yard. Having parted with a small fortune, we began heading back to the Tube when Georgina spotted the Benefit Store and begged to go in to have a look around.

No sooner were we through the door, we were pounced on by a beauty half my age and twice Georgina's! She showed us some lovely products and offered a mini make-over. G was ecstatic, an 11-year-old's dream to be made up in-store!

A little posie tint here and there and Georgina was a very satisfied customer, but now it was my turn – how would the benefit-beauty cope with my aging skin? I sat in her chair with great trepidation and waited while she scanned my face… but, uh oh! What's this? Her eyes were locked onto my brows! Oh no! I'd completely forgotten about my terrible-but-just-about-there eyebrows! "I think there's another issue we need to address first, madam" says Miss Benefit, and out came the wax strips! What was I to do, pinned down in a chair, in a thronging Benefit Store? I quickly weighed up the odds: a well-known company in the heart of London – surely Miss Benefit was professional and had the Benefit reputation to live up to… surely I was in good hands this time. I closed my eyes and held my breath…

A short and not-so-uncomfortable time passed and a mirror was passed to me. With half closed eyes I peered at my reflection – WOWEE! New and fabulous eyebrows! The overall effect on my face was superb, I looked younger and felt so much more confident.

To complete my new improved look I took a beauty lesson from Miss Benefit, who showed me how to make-up properly and make the most of my eyes. You can find out more about Benefit beauty lessons here.

I am now completely resolved to heading to Benefit, and can whole-heartedly recommend them for brow shaping. Brows form a very important and expressive part of the face and misshaped or, worse still, missing brows are unflattering and, in some instances, aging.


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Meka said...

LOL! Congrats. ;>